A website is a presentation of what the business is and what are the services provided. It is the first impression that potential customers come into contact with your company. A website is only successful if it is able to create a positive online presence. Good content is a necessity, but in order to keep viewers interested when they are exploring your website, there are many other important factors that we need to have.

A successful and interesting website includes the following:

  • Mobile and tablet responsive
  • Loads in no more than 4 seconds
  • Intuitive design and navigation system
  • Interactive display
  • Compatible with popular systems and browsers
  • Integration with social media tools
  • Spam protection
  • Content and images that clearly defines your company’s products and services
  • Clear calls-to-action to encourage customers to take the next step i.e. make an enquiry, make a purchase.

While viewers look out for these aspects, it is also important for the person who manages the website to feel at ease when managing the content. Would you rather spend more time to provide good content to the viewers or spend a huge amount of time to figure out how to upload or make changes to the content? Therefore a successful website also comes with a easy to maintain Content Management System.

Local domain and .sg and Local Hosting


SEO on-site optimizing.


Marketing design ie logo, banners, brochure


Social media setup


Blog setup


Convert your site to Ecommerce site



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